Chimes Mattress in a Box

Chimes mattress in a box provides endless restful sleep with all the support you could ever want. In this mattress Traditional coils, high density foam, and gel memory foam provide you with all the comfort and support that you deserve.

Chimes traditional coils contours to your body for a comforting feel. High density foam provides the firmness you love. Gel memory foam provides restorative support for your lower back. Plus the conveyance of this mattress is a big help to all, no more paying for delivery and no more struggling to move your mattress from place to place. All you have to do is remove the packaging and unroll, so simple! Serial: M697

Reclining Furniture


Cons of Reclining Furniture

Have you ever wondered whats so great about reclining furniture? Or have you thought to yourself I don’t understand how anyone couldn’t love reclining furniture. Well let us lay it out for you. Some Reasons as to why a person wouldn’t enjoy reclining furniture in their home is because of the look of it. They may find it too bulky, not as tailored, maybe it doesn’t quite fit the layout of their house, or it might just not suite the aesthetic of their home.


Pros of Reclining Furniture

Others may love their reclining furniture, and we get it cause we love it too. Reclining furniture can be loved for many reasons such as the comfort of it. When sitting in Reclining furniture you can experience personalized comfort in your own home while kicking your feet up and laying back. Reclining furniture allows its user to fit it to their liking,  they can kick up their feet up to whatever angle feels comfortable along with a nice headrest to enjoy television or read a book. Some reclining furniture also allows the user to control heat and massages which is always a plus in comfort.


Benefits of Reclining Furniture

Some Recliners even have the health benefit of heart improvement along with reduction of regular neck and back pain due to the zero gravity aspect of the furniture. Some users also enjoy the convenience of the furniture such as small storage spaces, cup holders, and even USB ports. Others may like that its convenient to move the furniture into their home because of the availability to take them apart in order to fit into small doorways. Reclining Furniture can also be heavy because of the contents of it but some may see it as a plus because it wont slide and others may see it as a downside because it may be hard to move for cleaning or rearranging. Here at Plymouth Furniture we give the option to customize reclining furniture we offer different frames and a variety of styles that you may choose from. Overall Reclining furniture may seem not too nice to a few…but here at Plymouth Furniture we love everything about it, the comfort, benefits, convenience, and look!

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Milwaukee Furniture

Are you in the busy Milwaukee, Wisconsin area looking for quality brand furniture? Furniture to bring together your home, add some accents, replacing the old, or just making it more you. We've got it! Milwaukee Furniture and Mattress has what you need for your living room, bedroom, office, dinning and more. Shop with us to find exactly what you need and make your house you!


Fon Du Lac Mattress

Looking to shop for a well rested sleep or accessories to spruce up your bedroom? you've come to the right place. Fond Du Lac Mattress has many things to offer.


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